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Through ibxpress.com, you can manage your health care safely and conveniently online. And because we’ve partnered with WebMD® — one of the most recognized names in health information — you’ll have access to the most reliable and accurate health information available.

Manage your health care coverage

  • View your specific benefits information.
  • View pending and finalized medical claims.
  • Download forms.
  • Request additional ID cards.
  • View drug pricing information, order mail order drugs, view pharmacy benefits, locate a pharmacy, search for drug interactions, and more.*

* Services available to members with one of our prescription drug plans.

Make informed decisions

  • Find the doctors and hospitals that are best equipped to handle your needs.
  • Evaluate your symptoms and find out what you should do about them.
  • Get information on more than 160 health topics and the latest news on common conditions.
  • Estimate your costs for hundreds of common conditions — including tests, procedures, and health care visits.

Take control of your health

  • Personal Health Profile (PHP). Get a clear assessment of your current health and suggestions of ways to stay healthy.
  • Lifestyle Improvement Programs. Improve your health with personalized, self-paced, step-by-step programs (such as exercise, weight loss, nutrition, and smoking cessation).
  • Health Trackers. Monitor your health including blood pressure, cholesterol, and body fat — or customize a tracker of your own.
  • Personal Health Record. Store, maintain, and manage your health information in one secure location.

WebMD is an independent company offering online health information and wellness education to Independence Blue Cross members.

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